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20-Somethings doing nothing

A PODCAST for 20-somethings, by 20-somethings

 Ricki and Jake, from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, chat about this messed up, exciting time of our lives... our 20's.


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Who The Hell is this?

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I'm Ricki and I am your ridiculous host, with the adorable (somewhat obnoxious) laugh. I am a fellow 20-Something just trying to make it through this next decade without completely failing. Can I get an "amen"? 

I eat too much, drink too much and swear WAY too much. Believe it or not, those are my best qualities. I tend to get myself into some interesting situations and often times hear my inner voice scolding me for being a completely disastrous being. After being told multiple times how much my life stories make others feel better about themselves, I figured I would take my talents to the podcasting world in hopes to make everyone feel better about themselves. You're welcome, bitches. 


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