Five Shows to Binge-Watch ASAP!

As someone who doesn't watch that much television, I have found myself obsessing over certain shows lately. Full fledge bingeing out, laying in bed and ignoring all my responsibilities/friends. When I do talk to my friends it's about the shows I'm watching. Pretty crazy... I know. Just accept me for the obsessive binger I have become... or better yet, join me!

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Dude. This show is flat out perfect for an a-hole, like myself. It's sarcastic, quirky and fun to watch. At some points you love the main character and at some points you want to punch her in the teeth. The show is very loosely based off the book "#Girlboss" by Sophia Amoruso, the founder of the Nasty Gal empire. The 13-episode Nexflix original depicts a 23-year-old woman trying her best to make something out of herself without losing the essence of who she is, a fun-loving 20-something with zero fucks to give, (hmmm... sounds familiar). Now, this show has been cited as a "feminist" work by some. It is... and it isn't. Don't look too deep, just enjoy it for what it is. 

The Get Down

I LOVE THIS SHOW! I have been watching it since the first season launched in August of 2016 and couldn't wait to start "Part Two," once it was released. "The Get Down" is set in the Bronx, during the 1970's rise of hip-hop and disco. A group of teenagers take you through their journey of trying to make it big within the music industry, while struggling with personal issues (unsupportive parents, failed friendships, romance, death) and their neighborhood crisis (drugs, gangs, violence, poverty). The music is amazing, the acting is on point and the story line is incredible. If you're into music (who isn't?) then you need to get on this. 

Big Little Lies

I'm going to be completely honest here, I did not plan on watching this show. I was told it was similar to "Pretty Little Liars" and though I loved that show at one point, I absolutely hate it now. BUT when you're bored and lazy you find yourself watching some pretty random things. It focuses on a group of [mostly] well off women, who find themselves intertwined in the craziest of ways. It touches on some pretty serious topics, ones that you may not want to admit are real, but it does manage to keep a comedic value throughout. "Big Little Lies" is a murder mystery that will leave you wanting more once you see those credits roll.

Santa Clarita Diet

I happened to stumble upon this show as I scrolled through Netflix for something light to watch. It falls on the weird end of the spectrum, but it's perfect for when you want to watch something you don't have to think about. In the show, a very boring, married couple finds themselves in a huge predicament when their A-typical life gets tossed on it's head. I'm not going to tell you the reason for this sudden change because that would essentially ruin the first episode, but I will tell you that it's super random. This show is worth watching if you want some "what the f**k?" moments.

13 Reasons Why

Did you really think I would skip out on adding this to the list? C'mon, guys, you know me better than that. I'm sure you all know what "13 Reasons Why" is about, considering it's all anyone has talked about in the last month. But for those of you who live under a rock, it's about the suicide of a teenage girl, Hannah Baker. A few weeks after she took her life, a series of tapes surface. Each of these tapes is dedicated to a specific person that she blames for her death. Her story will tug at your heart strings and make you think back to every person you may have slighted or mistreated. It's a lesson/reminder that the impact we have on others is stronger than you think. This is a not a must watch, it's a need to watch.

  • Note: There are articles and people out there saying this show glorifies suicide. I think that's up to the person watching and their own opinions. I will say that it takes a mature person to watch this. Unlike, "Girlboss," I challenge you to look deeper than what's on the surface. Is it a revenge story? To an extent, yes. Does it have a happy ending? No. The ending is absolutely heart-wrenching, not only for Hannah but the rest of the characters. Is she satisfied with her decision to kill herself? If you pay attention, you'll notice certain cues that prove she wasn't. One last thing... the main focus of this show is Hannah, but there are supporting stories that are just as important. Ones that are just as emotional as Hannah's and that don't end in suicide. 

[If you relate to Hannah Baker's story, know you're not alone.
The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24 hours a day and is confidential.
Don't hesitate to call: 1-800-273-8255

En Español: 1-888-628-9454
Deaf and Hard of Hearing: 1-800-799-4889
or to text the Crisis Text Line: 741741
If you are outside the Unites States, please visit