Can't Get Enough (February 24th)


So I have always wanted to add music to the podcast but I haven't figure out a way to make it work... yet. For now, I'll use the blog to post the songs that I just can't get enough of. Sometimes they'll be new songs and sometimes they'll be old. You might know them and you might not. One thing is for sure.. I have them on replay, they have their own playlist and they're the sh*t.

DISCLAIMER: These are not in order of most listened to. I listen to them all basically the same amount. 

#1 "High"-- Jengi Beats feat. BRAVE

Mellow and exciting all at the same time. Perfect for solo car rides on your way home from work when you want to chill out a bit, but upbeat enough that you won't fall asleep while driving.

#2 "Back For Me"-- Electric Guest

This is off of Electric Guest's first album in five years and I'm flat out obsessed. 

#3 "Pine & Ginger"-- Valleyz, Tessellated & Amindi K. Fro$t

I listen to this in the morning and it puts me in such a feel good dance mood. It's the sh*t.

(A little background: Pineapple and ginger is a popular drink in West Africa and the Caribbean, so is Sorrel.)

#4 "All About Me"-- Syd

I was recently put on to Syd and after checking out some songs, I like what I hear. This is one of my favorites. The mood of the song just gets me.