Snowdaze Turned Snow Days

Remember when you were younger and you did a little dance before bed in hopes that it would snow enough to miss school the next day? Then you went to high school and you told God that if he made it snow you would promise to actually write your 10-page paper and never procrastinate again. College came and you hoped it would just snow so that you could miss class without a tardy (because let's be honest... you were going to skip either way).

Now snow days happen and life... just... goes on. You still have to go to work and you still need to get your daily tasks done (laundry, paying bills, etc). On top of that you need to stress the f*ck out about how horrible traffic will be because of the snow, if your train is running on time because of the snow and if you'll freeze on your walk to the office door. 

Storm Stella recently hit New York and New Jersey, where I work and live. Though I have had my fair share of snow storms throughout my 24 years on this planet, in the most temperamental climate known to mankind-- just for some context, it was actually sunny and warm AF a few days before we got slammed with snow-- I realized just how much I hate the snow. There's nothing good that comes out of snow anymore. I don't get the day off, I don't get to sleep in, I don't get to go snowboarding... I GET COLD AND MISERABLE INSTEAD. 

Just one more thing to add to the list of things you miss when you get older. Let me know when someone creates a time machine, so I can go back to being eight-years-old and bum it on snow days.